DIA Launches New Community: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare
Time and Tide (and now AI) Wait for No One

ow can data technology experts effectively communicate the benefits and capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to life science professionals in the same way that these professionals learned to explain the benefits and capabilities of medicines to patients? DIA Global Head of Science and Scientific Strategy Courtney Granville explores answers to this question with Sridevi Nagarajan (Head of Digital Regulatory Strategy, AstraZeneca) and Michael Meighu (Director of Consulting and Expert Consultant, CGI) at the DIA Global Annual Meeting 2023 in Boston.

“The language that the clinical industry or researchers would use is completely different from what the data scientist would use,” Nagarajan suggests. “Defining the problem in the right way, the use case for what we need to solve it in the right way, is important, and then communicating that to the tech industry, to the data scientists, is another challenge.”

Nagarajan and Meighu are also co-chairs of the new DIA Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Community.

“The magic and beauty of AI is that it’s very collaborative. We are where we are with AI because people collaborate,” Meighu explains. “The community is really important. It’s a platform to help us not reinvent the wheel and it’s a great place for us to collaborate. If Sridevi solves an issue with generative AI, we share that, and people can expedite their use of AI rather than everybody struggling in the same way.”

Watch the complete interview below.