Africa: Current and Future Roles in Global Clinical Research and Care

IA Global Annual Meeting 2023 Honorary Co-Chair David Mukanga, deputy director of Africa Regulatory Systems for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and DIA Global Forum regional editor for Africa, discusses with Global Forum Editor-in-Chief Alberto Grignolo the emergence and rollout of the African Medicines Agency, the need for local and international partnerships in Africa, the significance of a professional from Africa serving as honorary co-chair this year, and much more.

“Africa has a huge population, more than 1.3 billion people and continuing to grow, and shouldn’t be left behind, whether it’s in clinical trials or product introduction,” explains Mukanga in this interview at the Global Annual Meeting in Boston. “While the population in the rest of the world is plateauing, in some places going down, we are going up like a rocket. We have a huge young population; in many places, half of the population is under 20. A lot of energy, a lot of passion, they want to contribute, and they are going to be an important contributor to the global economy.”

Watch the complete interview below.