Career Circles Mentoring Program Announces 2023-’24 Cohort

IA has announced enhancements to our DIA Fellows Mentoring Program

This year’s program will be administered in a Career Circles format. The program provides mentees the opportunity to connect with experienced mentors (DIA Fellows) who can help them envision their career path and accelerate their professional growth as well as providing mentors an opportunity to share their time and expertise to help develop and nurture the next generation of both the global DIA community and life sciences workforce.

The 2023-’24 program cohort will pair small groups of 5-10 mentees with several experienced DIA Fellows as co-mentors, who will help them move forward in their professional journeys.

The previous (2022-’23) cohort paired one mentor with one mentee for one-on-one regular conversations. In their post-program evaluations, every mentee rated their overall program experience as either “very good” or “excellent.” Specific helpful guidance they received from their mentors included:

  • Refine time management skills to help manage stressful commitments and schedules
  • Publish in journals or other outlets to build referenceable credibility
  • Volunteer to serve on the boards of local nonprofits or other community organizations to build professional experience.

Midlevel professionals with a minimum of eight years of work experience were invited to apply for Career Circles mentorship by mid-September; mentees were selected and assigned to mentors in October. This cohort will run for eight months and conclude in June 2024.

There is no fee to participate in this year’s program, but it is available exclusively to DIA members. Read the DIA Fellows Career Circles Mentoring Program FAQs to learn more.