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Korea Regulatory Science Center Signs MoU for Exchange and Cooperation with DIA

n April 2024, the Korea Regulatory Science Center signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with DIA. Through this MoU, the two organizations will jointly plan and conduct regulatory science network-based events, including meetings and workshops; jointly plan and conduct regulatory science educational programs as well as training courses; and exchange information plus collaborate on creating a forum for discussion of the latest regulatory and technology trends in the biopharmaceutical, device and diagnostic, healthcare, and life sciences industries.

“I think it is very meaningful to have an opportunity to strengthen mutual cooperation with DIA, which has strong expertise in the global drug regulation environment, as changes to biohealth technology and industry are taking place rapidly at home and abroad,” said Park In-Sook, head of the center. “We will try to actively cooperate with the two institutions in driving global harmony in regulatory science and innovation in the biohealth industry.”

“DIA is pleased to have the opportunity to share the latest information on Korea’s regulatory science and explore global development directions together,” said Shogo Nakamori, senior vice president of DIA Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Southeast Asia. “We hope to play a major role in the development of Korea’s biohealth industry and healthcare science and technology in cooperation with the Korea Regulatory Science Center.”

The Korea Regulatory Science Center was established as a foundation in April 2022 with accreditation from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in South Korea. Its primary objective is to contribute to the development of the health industry and promote public health by creating a solid foundation for the biotechnology industry and fostering research and development in regulatory science in Korea. The center held a regulatory workshop jointly with DIA in December 2023.

“This agreement opens a perfect opportunity for the center to connect with and get integrated into DIA’s strong global regulatory network, such as our exceptional Council of Regulators,” explained DIA Chief Executive Officer Marwan Fathallah. “Regulatory science is a key driver of innovation in every market. We look forward to collaboratively developing regulatory strategies and policies that will help the center lead the evolution of medical product approvals for drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health therapies to quickly meet the needs and improve the lives of patients in Korea and around the world.”

In-Sook Park of the KRSC and Shogo Nakamori of DIA with the signed MoU as they both smile and pose for a picture standing next to each other

In-Sook Park of the KRSC and Shogo Nakamori of DIA with the signed MoU.