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European Health Union: Commission Proposes Pharmaceuticals Reform for More Accessible, Affordable, and Innovative Medicines

n 26 April, the Commission proposed the largest reform to EU’s pharmaceutical legislation in more than 20 years. The revision includes proposals for a new Directive and a new Regulation, which revise and replace the existing pharmaceutical legislation, including the legislation on medicines for children and for rare diseases.

The Commission’s announcement includes the reform’s main objectives:

  • Make sure all patients across the EU have timely and equitable access to safe, effective, and affordable medicines
  • Enhance the security of supply and ensure medicines are available to patients, regardless of where they live in the EU
  • Continue to offer an attractive and innovation-friendly environment for research, development, and production of medicines in Europe
  • Make medicines more environmentally sustainable
  • Address antimicrobial resistance and the presence of pharmaceuticals in the environment through a One Health approach.

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