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DIA Board of Directors Reflections on Barbara Lopez Kunz
A portrait headshot photograph of Minnie Baylor-Henry smiling
Minnie Baylor-Henry: “I remember very vividly the day the search committee interviewed Barbara. Barbara was not only intellectually impressive, but she exhibited a level of confidence and calmness that let us know she was likely the right person at the right time for DIA. Our instincts were correct. From the beginning, Barbara demonstrated in countless ways that she was a visionary leader focused on continuing to build upon the greatness of DIA. Under her leadership, Barbara has systematically and strategically guided DIA to a level that was not imaginable during the early years, but which seems quite perfect upon reflection.”
A portrait headshot photograph of Sandra Milligan grinning
Sandra Milligan: “From day one in her tenure, Barbara has been a positive force for change and acceleration, mobilizing her staff and army of volunteers to navigate the challenges brought on by the increased digitalization of content, highly specialized and challenging knowledge areas of science and medicine, and rapidly shifting global political and regulatory environments. Through all these changing times, Barbara led DIA to be better and stronger and ready to forge ahead, shaping young professionals as well as seasoned regulators to constantly center on patient outcomes, impacting more than just products or policy but people all around the world.”
A portrait headshot photograph of Jay Roberts smiling
Jay Roberts: “Barbara took over the reins of DIA, hit the ground sprinting, and never looked back. She very quickly turned things around, invigorated respect for DIA from our global constituents, and anchored as an amazingly strong and thoughtful leader that gave the DIA board and staff significant confidence to begin the major journey of DIA transformation going forward.”
A portrait headshot photograph of Lingshi Tan grinning
Lingshi Tan: “I admire Barbara’s visionary leadership and business savvy in complex global environments. As Board Chair, I had the opportunity to work with Barbara closely and intensively during the first year of COVID-19. How she led the organization during the unprecedented crisis incisively demonstrated her courage, resilience, wisdom, decisiveness, and ability to radiate her confidence to people around her and around the world.”
A portrait headshot photograph of Rebecca Vermeulen smiling
Rebecca Vermeulen: “Barbara elevated DIA on a new platform and brought together all stakeholders committed to improving the health of patients. Her passion to positively impact patient lives was evident in all she did for the organization. Barbara was the beacon of light who brought everyone together to open dialogue and drive change to constantly improve and extend the impact of collaboration through DIA. Barbara served as a role model for me and so many others. Her professional leadership was unwavering. I have learned so much from her and she will be greatly missed.”
A portrait headshot photograph of Cynthia Verst smiling
Cynthia Verst: “The DIA Board of Directors would like to thank Barbara for her unwavering, transformative leadership of DIA over the last 10 years. Barbara will leave an indelible thumbprint on the DIA organization for many years to come due to her vision, passion, innovation, and fierce focus to action the right thought leaders to help solve our most pressing global health priorities. It has been an honor and privilege to serve our DIA community alongside Barbara.”