Biosimilar Awareness, Access and Savings Continue to Grow

Hillel Cohen

“As lower cost treatment options, biosimilars have really helped address rising costs within the US healthcare system, hospitals and patient care. For example, the availability of biosimilar filgrastim generated approximately $1.2 billion in savings in the US healthcare system from 2016 to early 2020,” explains Dr. Hillel Cohen, executive director of scientific affairs in the Sandoz division of Novartis and Sandoz representative to the education committee of the US Biosimilars Council. “There are still various barriers that continue to inhibit biosimilars from realizing their full potential driven by market obstacles, formulary challenges and misinformation campaigns.”
Five Types of Misinformation Targeting Biosimilars
  • Information that is factually incorrect
  • Information that is factually correct BUT provided out of context
  • Incomplete information providing only a partial or limited set of facts
  • Factual references used to support incorrect conclusions (create false narrative)
  • Negative framing of factual references to create negative perceptions.

To learn more about the growing global biosimilars market, listen to our podcast with Dr. Cohen below.