Executive Leadership | DIA Leadership Message

To Our Readers

Driving Momentum

John A. Roberts
Chair, DIA Board of Directors

Barbara Lopez Kunz
Global Chief Executive, DIA


his month, our attention turns toward Basel, Switzerland, where we will gather for our annual DIA Europe 2018 meeting.

We took our first steps into patient engagement at this premier European event nearly two decades ago. Fast forward to 2018 and DIA Europe is a proud, “Patients Included” accredited conference, boasting the highest number of participating voices in nearly a decade!

We put patients and patient outcomes front and center as we explore synergies between HTAs and regulators, outcomes-driven health systems, artificial intelligence in healthcare, and more, without shying away from difficult and controversial questions, such as: Why can’t society determine the healthcare and treatments they want access to, and the price they’re willing to pay for them? Bring your own questions with you as we learn, network, and drive insights to action alongside representatives from global regulatory agencies, academia, industry, associations, the ICH, the World Health Organization, Heads of Medicines Agencies, and many other global stakeholders.

As DIA continues to invite and amplify voices from the entire healthcare product development landscape, we will debate, learn, and grow – individually and as a community. We have much work to do but the promise of genuinely collaborative biomedical and regulatory science shines bright.

We look forward to welcoming you to Basel and DIA Europe 2018.